Diet and nutrition can have a hugely positive impact on optimising egg and sperm quality in advance of conception, as well as providing a solid grounding for any future pregnancy.  It is important to remember that there is no "one size fits all" approach to fertility nutrition, especially when it comes to supporting couples who have experienced prior loss or difficulties in conceiving.

Whilst there are some pieces of advice that are generally recommended to everyone, a nutritional therapist will go further than this and work with you to provide an in-depth, personalized plan for diet and supplementation in the months leading up to your treatment, depending on the particular problems that you are facing.

There is lots of conflicting advice online related to fertility nutrition, some of which can be detrimental in certain situations.  When considering supplements it is vital to ensure that your specialist and nutritional therapist have confirmed that you require them and that you are taking the best quality, most bio-available form of each nutrient.

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