Frequently asked questions

Who are the Nurture Advisors?

Nurture Advisors are the persons engaged by Nurture to provide information, guidance and support and link intended patients with our worldwide partners. Nurture advisors are qualified embryologists or other healthcare professionals.

What type of services does Nurture offer?

Nurture offers the introduction, co-ordination, advising and guiding on intended patients on the provision of support relating to their chosen fertility treatment.

Who are the trusted clinics and how are they selected?

Our trusted clinics are fertility clinics selected by Nurture to offer fertility treatments and other relevant treatments as required. All clinics are accredited and/or regulated by the governing body of the country in which they are located and all comply with international guidelines in best practice. Nurture has selected all trusted clinics based on their ethos and high success rates.

Why choose Nurture?

Nurture aims to simplify the process of fertility treatment for you. We will help you choose your clinic and support you throughout your fertility journey, making it more personal and transparent without unnecessary add-ons. Working with our meticulously selected experts and providing you constant support we aim to reduce your stress and maximise your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

How much does it cost?

Our main aim is to provide free support and guidance during your fertility journey and beyond. You will pay your chosen clinic and/or specialist, their regular fees directly. Nurture HF does not accept any payments.